Ground Up Construction

The primary specialty of TLM One is building Retail Fueling Stations from the ground up. Whether our clients want to raze & rebuild their existing station or build a new one, TLM One can provide step by step assistance from general engineering to project management and supervision.

  • Provide a competitive bid for our services. 
  • Communicate with a client’s Engineering firm or lead Engineering and design. 
  • Facilitate or lead permit acquisition and process. 
  • Create a schedule for the project timeline. 

Our team ties in all our services into one package beginning with replacing their existing fueling system or installing a new fueling system into their property. We can prepare the station with all standard 87, 89, 91, and diesel blends. TLM One also has experience with alternative fueling including E-85, Hydrogen, and EV Charging installations.

  • Canopy Erection
  • Fueling System Infrastructure (Look under Conventional Fueling Infrastructure)
  • Underground Storage Tank Installation (Look under UST Removal/Installation)
  • Dispenser Installation

With a collective experience of over 200 years amongst our 8 members of senior management and supervision TLM One has been a staple Contractor in the Californian petroleum retail industry for the past 25 years, completing station builds for BP, Circle K, Chevron, ARCO, and many independent station owners.

TLM One takes pride in the quality and finished product of our work that has allowed us to deliver many beautiful stations to our clients, many of which become repeat customers. We like to believe that our work speaks for itself, and the continued business between TLM One and its client base is based on not only our craftsmanship but the relationship we develop with them.