Underground Storage Tank

TLM One began as a specialty contractor primarily focusing on underground storage tank removal/installation. Today it continues to be one of our specialties, as our years of experience have made us proficient and knowledgeable in this specific line of work.

From single tank removal/installation to multi-tank removal/installation, TLM One has the experts to get your job done

  • Tank Hole/Pit Excavation (Slip Shoring included)
  • Tank Removal
  • Setting of Tanks
  • Interconnect Tanks to Existing Fueling System
  • Backfill
  • Concrete and/or asphalt

TLM One has removed and installed many underground storage tanks for petroleum retail station owners throughout its 25 years. Whether you would like to upgrade the volume of the tank at your station or need to replace it at the 30 year warranty mark please feel free to reach out for a proposal.

TLM One has its own team of ICC technicians specializing in petroleum retail fueling. Another specialty we complete for our customers is Veeder Root replacement.